Sounds / MIDI

Old Skool Rave Samples (vol 1)

Thumbnail Old Skool Rave Samples (VOL 1)
11.00 USD
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This package contains 415 MB of material (including the free 909 gift) All of the old skool rave samples are in 24-bit .WAV audio. Including: - ...

Super Hard Kick Drums

Thumbnail Super Hard Kick Drums
5.00 USD
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Sixty-three hardcore one-shot kick drums to beef up your audio production. REALLY beef it up. All of these samples are ultra-gabberish, bass-heavy, and rendered in 16-bit...

Trap Beats Vol. 1

Thumbnail Trap Beats Vol. 1
10.00 USD
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Inspired by the musical productions of Lex Lugar, Gucci Mane, T.I, Wacka Flacka; as well as the edm trap of Flosstradamus, Baauer, and Diplo, Trap Beats...

Authentic Electro Swing Sample 2

Thumbnail Authentic Electro Swing Sample 2
26.00 USD
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Hey there, Swingers and Flappers! If youre looking for electro swing samples, youve come to the right place! This pack has what you need to get...

1000 Trap Samples Bundle

Thumbnail 1000 Trap Samples Bundle
27.00 USD
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The 1000 Trap Music Bundle is a combination of two previously released sample packs: - 500 Trap Music Vocal Samples & - 500 Trap Music Synth...

500 Trap Music Synth Instrument Samples

Thumbnail 500 Trap Music Synth Instrument Samples
15.99 USD
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Ooooh Snippity Snap! 500 all-original trap music melodic synth samples, including over 70 bass samples, almost 50 melody loops, theres tons of trumpets & trombones, as...

Strangeflows Ultimate Juke Samples

Thumbnail Strangeflows Ultimate Juke Samples
22.00 USD
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150 original juke beats, ALL 808 and 909 samples known to man, riffs, pads, and enough extras to choke a horse! 630 samples! YES! Well welly...

Strangeflows Super Sick 808 Samples

Thumbnail StrangeFlows Super Sick 808 Samples
8.08 USD
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StrangeFlows Super Sick 808 Samples contains 171 one-shot drum samples. This is a comprehensive package of slightly processed Roland TR-808 drum machine one-shot samples. These samples have...