Juke & Footwork Vocals (by 5ifty$ix K)

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I remember growing up in Michigan, driving to Detroit Electronic Music Festival every year and hearing that vocally-driven, fast paced, funky dance music as I arrived in the city. There was something so unique about it, so retro and futuristic at the same time. Eventually, I learned all about Detroit jit and Chicago juke and footwork, and I became a huge fan. However, I always noticed one problem...

Mixing and making tracks became more than an obsession for me, but I always needed to sample vocals from rap songs, because I didnt want to use my own voice. I soon learned that I was definitely not the only person in that position. The problem, obviously, is that you have to look around forever to find the right rap vocal, and not to mention, if you make ANY money off of it, youre kinda... breaking the law....

So, I put this together, and another fantastic bag of secret sample weapons was born! So, I hope that they are of some use to you in all of your footworking and juking and ghettohouse production desires. From aggressive chants about destruction in the dance circle; colloquial recitations of different popular moves in the footwork scene in Chicago - ghost, drillin, boppin, mikes, just to name a few of MANY; as well as HUGE RANGE of other genre-related & energetic phrases & words - this really is the sample pack to help your dance trax.

Even if youre not STRICTLY a producer of ghettotech/footwork material, but want to introduce a little bit of jukey / footwork influence into your glitch hop and trap tunes, these samples will DEFINITELY help.

There are a number of variations between tone and recording quality in these samples, but they are all perfectly suited as vocals for your next footwork track, as they definitely hold up against a vast majority of pre-existing vocal-driven 160 bpm tunes. Some sound like they were recorded in a basement in Chicago in 1998, some of them (MANY) sound super hi-fi, many of them are pre-cut to a footwork rhythm, and still some of them have a funky mechanized dual-pitched voice effect that is INSTANTLY recognizable in the 160 dance music community as a classic vocal technique. Instant funk. A few of them even sound like Afrika Bambaataa, which is fun. Im sure theres something in here to suit your needs; there are 442 different samples. So if you want to spice up your bassy grooves vocally, you dont need to look around any longer, youve come to the right place.

https://www.tradebit.com Presents a new vocals package thats probably going to heighten (and worsen) your obsession with fast dance music from Chiraq. Not that thats a bad thing, but thats what probably gonna happen.. A lot of these vocals could provide the entire backbone to a new hit track almost immediately...

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